The Importance of Quality Hospice Staff

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The Importance of Quality Hospice Staff

Here at Standards Hospice we provide professionals who are committed to the highest level of hospice care imaginable. Our background checks and training process is never complete until we are confident that we are hiring a real professional who shares our philosophy on empathy and professionalism. After that, we are going to make sure every single person in our care is receiving the best and most comfortable care possible. Our number one goal is to make sure that you or your loved ones live every day to the absolute fullest. No shame. No unprofessional workers who don’t belong there. Just pure love and professional service to provide support that feels like home with the ease of knowing your medical needs are taken care of by someone you can wholeheartedly trust.

An Unfortunate Event in the News

Recently, there was a criminal investigation against Taiwo Sobamowo, who was caught posing as a hospice nurse who cared for Bobbi Kristina Brown. Authorities are uncertain whether or not Sobamowo’s care had anything to do with the girl’s outcome, however, what she did is still wrong on many accounts. Posing as someone else, she managed to wiggle her way in while even passing a background check and references from other health care agencies in the area. The company performing the check had no reason to suspect that she wasn’t a proper nurse with appropriate credentials, but apparently she was far from it. To the company’s credit, as soon as they discovered the discrepancy they took immediate action. Sobamowo was arrested and held in jail with her criminal investigation commencing soon after.

Our Commitment to Background Checks

This behavior is unacceptable, but the fact that it happened in the first place is also unacceptable. Here at Standards Hospice we are committed (beyond committed) to performing complete background checks that leave no room for error. We take this seriously and ensure that the hiring process is thorough and deep. We take pride in our extensive background check and our follow through with a detailed training process. Our staff is dedicated to handling specific needs from nurses to chaplains and volunteers. You are in good hands here.

People are our number one priority. Ensuring comfort, sympathy, and optimal professional care is absolutely necessary and we never allow for anything less. Families need support, empathy, and professional services during these difficult times and good hospice care can dramatically increase the quality of a person’s final days. That means a lot to us.

Our Professionals

Trust is important to us. As it should be to you. We do not take this story lightly and we believe that it is imperative to do everything possible to make sure something like this never happens. Only the best of the best are on our team. Faking and forgery is not something we tolerate and you can rest knowing that with our extensive background checks, your getting the best care we can possibly provide you.

Your comfort, safety, and joy is our passion. And we take that seriously too. You are in good hands with Standards Hospice and there’s nothing we enjoy more than providing others and their families with a safe haven during the most difficult times.

Truly, you can trust us. We won’t settle for anything less. And you shouldn’t either.