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Hospice Services Overview

This is a brief list of the many ways we can help you.

Controlling and relieving your pain is one of our primary goals; we dedicate our efforts to the comfort of our patients. We are committed to easing your symptoms and providing you and your family with the peace of mind that comes with this high level of care.
Working closely with the hospice team, your physician will direct the care plan. You will receive medications in dosages and formulations designed to specifically address your unique challenges. Our skilled professionals will be on hand to answer your questions with care and compassion.
Providing a full range of medical equipment can add much stress during this highly emotional time. To assist in your hospice care, our team supplies and delivers all the equipment you may need. This allows your family more quality time together while giving you maximum support.
A crucial component of your hospice team, your registered nurse will provide the link between you, your family members and your physician. Your nurse will track your symptoms and monitor your medication. In addition to offering compassionate, skilled medical care, the nurse will be able to help you and your family understand your process as you experience it.
Well-trained, reliable hospice aides can give your family members a much-needed break from everyday tasks while assisting you with personal care. Our highly qualified hospice care staff is available for your specific needs, from bathing and shaving to personal grooming and hygiene.
This is a time when you and your family may need spiritual and emotional counsel. Should you desire it, a staff chaplain is available to offer spiritual support in your home. Your process is a deeply personal one, and your chaplain will respect your wishes in every way, whether you wish to explore your feelings surrounding death, resolve issues that feel unfinished, or participate in specific religious ceremonies.
For a full spectrum of care, our hospice team provides extra assistance from trained volunteers. These dedicated individuals are wonderful resources and true problem-solvers. From offering a compassionate listening ear to helping out with shopping or transportation, they are available to ease your burdens.

Our social workers help assess patient/family social and emotional factors in order to estimate their potential to cope. They make themselves available to provide psychosocial counseling and support to the patient / family experiencing emotional, social and economic conflict. A social worker assists the patient, family and staff in utilizing community resources. This is accompanied with assessing patient financial and insurance status and assisting with appropriate resources as indicated.

Your family may need support as they move through their grieving process. We encourage families to join others in sharing their joys and sorrows at our monthly meetings. This fellowship can provide great help during a time of bereavement.

More About Hospice

The following links, we think are very helpful in your search for information about hospice care. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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